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Utilizing an user friendly and easy accounting mlm software is just as important as knowing the mlm tax deductions. A good accounting software will help you keep track of your tax deductions, your earned commissions, retail sales and your expenses. I found one that goes beyond this and even allows you to add contacts and send out individual or mass emails. You can even set it up to send out emails to people every year for things like their birthday.

The products out there like quick books and quicken are just difficult to use and not even made for MLM business owners.

I really like this e-software that I just came across. This company gives you a demo login so that you can see what it is like before you buy it.

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More details about this e-software. It has the following features which are pretty awesome, all in 1 product. This software is online so you can access it from anywhere if need be. Never be out of touch with your contacts again.

  • Contacts:
  • Add your contact email and other information. Email one person, a few people, or everyone. You can also group people, like your frontline, your organization, people you met at an event, etc etc. This is a great tool to help build your relationships and to stay in touch with your organization and those that you would like to add. A great tool to keep your organization alive.
  • Email:
  • You add your reply to address and select who you want to email. Excellent to keep all your contacts in once place, send out emails for birthdays and anniversaries or newsletters. You can build your business and relationships on autopilot with this tool.
  • Tasks: You can add tasks and email reminders. Now you wont forget those things you need to do, like follow up calls, appointments, and meetings with distributors.
  • Calendar: Add events to your calendar so you wont overbook your schedule and you will know what needs to be done for each day.
  • Income & Expenses: Record all the money you have made and the expenses you paid out. Now it is all in 1 place so you wont have to go digging through receipts at the end of every year. Get your children or hire an assistant to enter all these items for you.
  • Vehicles: Enter your automobiles and the mileage you drive for personal and business uses. Great for the end of the year, all your information is in 1 location to print out. No more scrounging for log books and adding up miles and figuring out what car it was in.
  • Home Office: Enter your home office details including rooms, what year lived in, and expenses. More important information for tax time.
  • Inventory: Enter any inventory of product that you stock and sell. Now you will know what you have on hand, how much it cost, and any personal usage.
  • Taxes: Reporting for tax time. Just select the year and now you can choose to print your tax information for your accountant, for tax software, or to obtain an estimate for your taxes. 1 simple report to print or export instead of digging through stacks of papers and receipts at the end of the year. It simplifies your life and will save you time, headache, and stress.
  • Reports: Reports on contacts, Tasks, Profit/Loss, Income Tax, Income Summary, Income History, Expense Summary, Expense History, Vehicle Summary, Home Office Summary, and Inventory Summary.
  • Support: Technical Support to fully support the product and a forum where the employees respond to questsions.

Hop on over and check out this e-software and see the free demo. Wait till you see how cheap this software is. Accounting MLM Software

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